We love our local secure dog parks.

If case you have missed our last couple of posts, have a look here for more information.

This week it’s the turn of Happy Paws Dog Park to tell you abit more about themselves. Don’t forget we have discounts for Happy Paws for our 1-2-1 and class clients and there may be a little something for you from CWC if you visit one of our partners 😊

“Happy Paws Dog Park is a highly fenced, safe and secure private field based on the outskirts of Marton Cum Grafton village near Boroughbridge.
The picturesque one acre field offers a perfect space for exercising dogs off lead, with the peace of mind that all dogs will be safe.

There is so much fun to be had at Happy Paws including a generous sized paddling pool, tunnel, activities and an unlimited amount of toys and balls.
Other facilities include ‘Digbys Dog Wash’ the amazing dog wash station so you don’t have to worry about muddy paws!
The large weather shelter is perfect for providing a much needed shaded area or protection from the rain.
Why not visit our Canine Coffee House while visiting the park? Serving hot and cold refreshments and treats for humans and pooches! All refreshments are complimentary however any donations are welcome and 100% of all donations are donated to a different charity every month.
Picnics are always welcome and encouraged at Happy Paws, we want you to enjoy quality time in the peaceful surroundings so why not pack a picnic and blanket and relax while the dogs are happy and safe!

Who we are and where the idea came from…

We are a huge family of animal lovers!
The idea of offering a safe and secure space for dogs came to us when our Daughter rescued a lovely greyhound named Kez. Kez is such a lovely dog and absolutely loves to run! However with no recall and sadly not having the best start to life, they longed for an environment where he would feel safe with less noise and less distractions. A safe space also meant that they could safely start some recall training.
With a paddock which was hardly used next to our house, Mark got his tools to the ground and Happy Paws started to take shape!
As a keen gardener, I not only wanted the park to be a safe space for so many much loved dogs but a welcoming beautiful space to enjoy with the whole family.

Happy Paws is for private use and the field is completely yours!
All dogs welcome, big and small!
Children welcome of all ages!

Mark & Teresa Throup
Owners of Happy Paws”