I’m Kate.  I have loved and trained my own dogs for over 40 years (I started early!).

I have always had an interest in dog training, but it was living with and loving my first ‘problem’ dog that finally set me on the path I am on now.  The dogs we live with teach us so much, but I wanted to know more about why they do the things they do and how we can help them live the best lives they can.

I read extensively (my book collection could give the British Library a run for its money), but also appreciate the need for practical learning. In addition to an MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare,  I also graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy’s Dog Training Professional course in 2016.

While I love my clicker for training, I don’t use it exclusively, dog training isn’t a one size fits all so I will work with you and your dog to understand the best method for you. All my training is positive (force free) training;  in a nut shell it means I won’t ever use a technique that is uncomfortable or unpleasant for your dog or you.

There is so much information out there – it can be overwhelming for new (and existing) dog owners. Sadly there is no regulation in the dog training industry so anyone can call themselves a trainer or behaviourist.

Modern up to date dog trainers will use positive methods and lots of treats or toys. There will be no mention of check chains or shock collars and they won’t talk about being pack leader or having calm energy.

I spend a lot of time making sure I keep up to date with training methods and my understanding of dog behaviour.

Below are a few of the recent courses / workshops I have attended – the learning never stops!!

    • MSc Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare
    • School of Canine Science – The Puppy Lab (2020)
    • Attended “The Lemonade Conference” (2020)
    • Living and Learning with Animals – Dr Susan Friedman (2019)
    • Reactive Rascals (2019)
    • Walking with Reactive dogs (Webinar) (2019)
    • Loose Leash Walking (Webinar) (2019)
    • Recall and connection games with Sue Pickering (2019)
    • Professional Dog walker Certificate (2019)
    • IMDT ‘The Exercises” (2019)
    • Sian Ryan – Self Control in dogs (2018)
    • IMDT – Impulse Control (2018)
    • Leslie McDevitt – Control Unleashed (2018)
    • Karen Pryor Academy – Puppy Start Rite Instructor (2017)
    • Karen Pryor Academy Professional dog trainer – Graduated with Distinction (2016)
    • Lead reactivity seminar – Sheila Harper (2015)
    • Dog law seminar – Trevor Cooper  (2015)
    • Ultimate self control workshop – Sian Ryan  (2015)
    • National dog bite prevention and behaviour awareness conference – Victoria Stilwell  (2015)
      • John Rogerson – Reactive dogs  (2015)
      • Rocket Recall (Lisa and Brad Waggoner) – Pet professional guild online event  (2015)
      • Insights into the role of pain in problem behaviour – Prof Daniel MillsKCAI (Kennel club accreditation scheme – 2015) – held at Crufts – workshops attended:
      • Building a super successful dog business – Kim Lydon 
      • Clicker training – Angela White 
      • IABTC – An introduction to Ttouch – Jo Churlish  (2015)
      • IABTC – Introduction to canine behaviour   (2014)
    • The truth about wolves – Toni Shelbourne  (2014)

If you are looking for a dog trainer for help and advice with your dog, you’re in the right place – I can help!  Please get in touch with me here.