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I am a dog trainer because I love dogs. I have learned from all my wonderful dogs how to understand & manage some of the common dog behaviour problems.  Let me introduce some of them now – after all, they are the reason I have come to where I am as a dog trainer.

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Tazzie is a 13 year old Catalan Sheepdog (she’s Amos’s grandma) came to me 7 years ago when her breeding ‘career’ was over. 

Taz is a gorgeous dog who loves nothing more than cuddling on the sofa, but she like all dogs has her quirks. When she first arrived she refused to go to the toilet in the garden, this lead to lots of late night walks, which is fine in the middle of summer but not so much fun when its windy and raining. With lots of patience and positive reinforcement Taz will now quite happily use the grass.

She also loves the sound of her own voice, and while many dogs bark (usually to alert us to something or if they aren’t comfortable in a situation), Taz seems to enjoy it more than others – its a work in progress with lots of liver cake and praise for nice calm behaviour.

Moo reached the grand old age of 14 before I lost her last summer. Myrtle was at the time the dog who benefited most from all the study I have done. She was my ‘partner in crime’ while I studied the dog trainer professional course.  She loved all the attention and treats!

Her claim to fame is that she can read! – I have video evidence and could train you and your dog to do the same.

Myrtle was the driving force behind all the brain games I find and share. Towards the end she couldn’t walk too far  so I was always looking for new ways to keep her occupied.

Mossie, Moss, Mosopotemia amongst other names is the dog who finally gave me the push to fulfil a life long dream and train as a dog trainer.  He is a Catalan Sheepdog.

I thought I knew & understood dog behaviour – I’ve been a dog owner for over 35 years but no other dog has taught me as much as Amos both through who he is and what I have gone on to learn from being his ‘mum’.

Pru was a Sprollie, a Springer Spaniel cross Border Collie.   She was my first ‘grown up’ dog and she still has my heart to this day.

I admit I did everything wrong with Prudence but in my defence it was over 20 years ago.  I didn’t know what I know now.  Today I understand the importance of socialisation or dog development stages.

Pru was an amazing dog but she did have a few common dog behaviour problems (or quirks).  She could take off at the drop of a hat, usually if something startled her.  I spent many hours chasing her trying to convince her that being with me was the best place to be.

One of the most important things we can teach our puppies is that we are the most fun person to be around regardless of the distractions around them.

Flo was a goldfish, well not really but that was what I went to the pet shop for. When Flo came into my life I was working at a day nursery; unfortunately a goldfish died so I went to the shop to replace it and instead came away with a puppy!

I found Flo in a little cage up stairs in the pet shop.  Her and her brother had been bought by a young girl who wasn’t allowed to keep them at her home so she tied them up in a disused outside toilet. Flo had chewed through her lead so the girl went to the pet shop to buy a new one and the owner convinced her to give up Flo and her brother.  He kept the brother and very shortly afterwards Flo came to join me and Prudence.

I had to collect Flo before before the nursery closed so picked her up just before the parents were arriving to collect their children.  Needless to say all the excitement had an effect on Flo and she soon ‘disgraced’ herself in front of a few parents.  Luckily no one seemed to mind.

Flo’s early life meant that basic things such as toilet training were missing.  She had no concept of where she should and shouldn’t go. I didn’t really know how to toilet train back then so it probably took longer than it should. I now know that it can be a relatively quick process if we understand how a dog works.

Check out our services – I can help you with your dog training needs and advise on any dog behaviour problems.

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