Preventing separation anxiety in our pups.

It looks like the time is coming for people to start heading back to the office (sorry, you’ll have to get out of those pyjama’s!). It will mean for a lot of our pups that they will start being left home alone for the first time (or for the first time in a long time).

Now is the time to start getting our dogs and puppies ready for their new normal. Hopefully most of our pups will be fine, but it really is worth thinking about now.

  • Have you ever left your puppy home alone ?
  • Have you thought about where there will be when (if) you do return to the office?
  • Have you looked into dog walkers if you are going to need one? (top tip, the good ones get booked up really quickly).

If you are worried about how your puppy or dog may cope, there are a few things you can start doing.

  • Even if you don’t need one now, get in touch with your preferred dog walker and have them start taking your pup out a couple of times a week (I can recommend some really good ones).
  • Start thinking about what your puppies routine will look like going forward and start putting it into place now.
  • Will they spend time in their crate when you are out ? – Do they now, or is it just for night times ?
    • If they will be in their crate, but aren’t at the moment, start introducing it slowly and in a really positive way, this video is a nice way to crate train.
    • If they sleep at your feet, or on your lap everyday start weaning them off, a good way is to fill up their lickie mat or kong and hide it in a different room (don’t tell them though !), their noses will tell them it’s there and when they go off to investigate they are not only gaining a little independence but also finding something amazing when they do.
    • Can you work upstairs and see how they cope downstairs ?
    • Pop out the door for a few minutes and see what they do (hopefully they will be happy).

If you at all worried about how your puppy or dog will cope when you go back to work please get in touch, the sooner we get started, the more likely we are to succeed.