Walk and Train

Do you work 9-5 and worry about your dog being left home alone ?

Have you tried dog walkers, but worry because your dog isn’t good on a lead or with other dogs ?

Is there a niggly behaviour that you would prefer your pooch didn’t indulge in but dont know how to over come ?

“Walk and Train” may just be the package for you.

How does it work ?

We meet with you and your dog first to discuss the issues and what you would like.

I will then put together a plan for us  both to work on (there will be homework for you to do).

Like a dog walker, I will visit your home while you are at work to train with your dog. It maybe that we are out for the full time if we are working on loose lead walking or reactivity. Or, if it is manners in the house we are working on we may spend some time training and some time walking. It all depends on what we have identified as being most needed.

You will get regular updates and we will meet intermittantly to review progress and tweaks (if needed).

The aim of walk and train is to give you peace of mind while you are at work but also set your dog up to succeed through regular training.

“Walk and train” works best when it is done regularly. I appreciate that it will be a bit more expensive than a dog walker but it isn’t designed to be a permenant replacement.

The cost: 

Service Length Cost
Initial meet / greet and planning session  1 hour  £40
1-2-1 Walk and train 30 mins £20
Follow up session to tweak / assess progress 1 hour £30
Package price (saving £15) Initial meet and greet / 6 x walk and train / 1 x follow up session £175