Dog Training Classes

We are often very good at taking our puppies to socialisation classes and puppy training classes, but trouble often starts when they hit ‘teenagedom’.

That lovely stage where they think they know everything, and all their training goes out of the window.

Or, have you adopted a rescue dog with an unknown training history ? Do they have a few behaviours you would like to change, such as pulling on the lead, or going deaf when you call them ?

CWC offers training classes ‘beyond the puppy class’, designed for dogs of around 6 months or older.

Instead of having a standardised format the classes are designed by you to address the things you would like help with.

In the first week we discuss what we will work on and start on the foundation behaviours which shape everything we do.

We can even introduce the ‘clicker’ if you like.

Our classes are held in the village of Scotton, just outside Knaresborough, in the village hall. There is a lovely big hall with plenty of space and lots of parking.

The next classes start in Nov – please drop us an email and we will send you the links to book.

If you have any questions about the classes before you book please do get in touch.

Cost: £75 for 6 classes