Puppy Training Classes

Our classes are designed to be fun and informative.

For very young puppies we have The Puppy Social Club.

For puppies upto 22 weeks old we run a 6 week training course.

Over the 6 week course we will work on things such as focus, being polite, loose lead walking, recall and impulse control. All training is positive reinforcement based which means that we usually use a lot of food rewards (it’s a language our dogs understand).

Our puppy classes follow a similar format to our mixed age groups but the focus is on raising a well rounded puppy who is confident in a variety of situations. There is also time to discuss common puppy ‘problems’ such as play biting, toilet training, and socialisation.

Our classes are held in a few locations in Starbeck, Scotton (indoors) and Boroughbridge (outdoors).

Our classes tend to book up quite quickly, at present we are full until mid August 2022, please click here for more information.

If you want to be confident that your puppy will be learning in a small, fun group please have a read of some of our reviews both on Google and Facebook

If you have any questions about the classes before you book please do get in touch.

Cost: £85 for 6 classes