Training classes for older puppies and dogs.

The last year or so has been rather odd (there’s an understatement if ever I heard one), it has meant that alot of our puppies have missed out on puppy training classes. I am often asked if it is ever too late to train our dogs. I won’t deny it tends to be quicker with our puppies as they are like little sponges, but you can certainly train an older dog – when I did my dog trainer training my ‘partner in crime’ was Myrtle, a then 10 year old border collie. She adored learning, so much so that I taught her to ‘read’ (I have the video to prove it !).

While I can’t promise to teach your dog to read in a six week course we can certainly get them started on their training. During the six week course we look at the things you would expect such as loose lead walking and recall, but we also work on ‘life skills’ such as being polite (not jumping up at everyone), being able to settle (great for those evenings in the pub beer garden), and impulse control (to help them stop and think before they take off after that squirrel).

The next intake with spaces starts on Feb 27th at Belmont Unleashed in Starbeck, if you would like to secure a space please follow the link below.

If you have any questions at all please do get in touch