The Ultimate Puppy Package

Understanding the essential lessons a puppy needs to know is your first step to successful puppy training.  Everyone loves a puppy with their cute little noses and squishy, wiggly bodies – but not everyone can train a puppy.  Ideally our puppy training should start before our puppy even comes home, this helps ensure we get things off on the right paw.

There is no foolproof method of raising the perfect puppy, but as someone once said, “Prevention is better than cure” and having a well thought-out puppy training plan can help avoid issues in the future.

We offer two levels of puppy package designed to meet the needs of first time puppy owners and those who have maybe had puppies before.

Our ultimate puppy package:

Designed for committed owners who would like to get it right from day one (preferably even before that !). It includes everything you need to get your life with your new puppy off to the very best start, including:

  • A pre-arrival 1-2-1 session: These take place in your own home and are designed to ensure everything is ready for your new arrival, we discuss things such as picking your puppy up, the first few nights, crate training and toilet training. There is also ample opportunity to ask any questions you have. *If your puppy has already arrived home this session can be used to cover any questions you may have and also start you both on your training journey (Value £45)
  • At our second session we will get out and about on one of those first few walks and look at socialisation in real life. We will cover loose lead walking, appropriate play with other dogs and puppies and what to look out for to ensure your puppy is enjoying the big outdoors (Value £45)
  • Our final 1-2-1 session which is held when your puppy is getting out and about more is to look at recall, it is so important to start early with our recall training so we can enjoy lots of time off lead and be confident that our puppies will want to come back. (Value £45)
  • The 6 week puppy training and socialisation course. During this course our puppies learn the different life skills they need to live in our world, we will further their loose lead walking and recall skills and also look at things such as being polite, being able to settle, not stealing things they shouldn’t (and giving them up if they do!). Most importantly our puppies will learn that we are the most interesting thing in their lives even when there are temptations such as other puppies around! (Value £85)
  • The four week follow up course. This course is designed for puppies who have completed the 6 week course and are maybe approaching ‘teenagedom’, in this course we consolidate the skills we have learnt previously with added levels of distraction and we add a few fun and important skills to ensure everyone stays healthy and safe. (Value £55)
  • Your training kit. Every puppy and their owner needs a few ‘tools’ to help their training journey, we have sourced the best we can find to make sure we have everything we need including:
    • A perfect fit harness. Harnesses are the safest and most comfortable way to walk out puppies, by having a well fitted harness from the outset we can ensure they are setting off on walkies looking and feeling safe and secure. Your package includes a fitting session for their first harness (before they ever go for a walk so they have chance to get used to wearing it), as your puppy grows their harness will grow with them as we offer a trade in program for perfect fit harnesses.
    • A training lead. For loose lead walking practice.
    • A long line. For recall practice.
    • A treat bag. I often see owners struggling to get a treat out of their pocket, or juggling a handful of tasty morsels, a good treat pouch makes life so much easier.
    • A selection of training rewards to get you started.
    • Total value £110

The total value of the Ultimate puppy package is £370 if purchased individually.

Purchased as a package the cost is £350.

We also offer a scaled back package for those who have maybe had puppies before and have the equipment and some knowledge.

It includes –

A pre-puppy visit during which we will cover:

    • Positive puppy training, why force free is best (and is the only method we use).
    • Puppy proofing your house, you would be amazed at some of the spaces they can wriggle out of and into and those reading glasses you keep losing, you can be sure your puppy will find them and chew them in a second.
    • Helping your puppy settle in.  Your new pup is in a big strange world which can be frightening but there are things you can do to help the transition go smoothly.
    • Toilet training, puppies need to go to the toilet frequently, you may want to forget a full nights sleep for a few weeks, it can be quite a quick process if you work on it.
    • Crate training (if you choose to use a crate). Crates are a great way to make your puppy feel safe and can help with that all-important toilet training.
    • “Ouch – he bit me” – puppies love to explore everything with their teeth – it hurts!  What can we do about it?

Your package also includes two further visits as outline in the ultimate puppy package and a place on our 6 week puppy training course.

The cost of the puppy package is £195

Both packages include telephone and whatsapp support for 3 months from when your puppy arrives home.

If you are ready to get started please click here to book.