The Puppy Package

Understanding the essential lessons a puppy needs to know is your first step to successful puppy training.  Everyone loves a puppy with their cute little noses and squishy, wiggly bodies – but not everyone can train a puppy.  Proper puppy training should start from the day your pup comes homes, as the precedents you set now will last a lifetime.  All family members must agree upon responsibility and rules for the new puppy.

There is no foolproof method of raising the perfect puppy, but as someone once said, “Prevention is better than cure” and having a well thought-out puppy training plan can help avoid issues in the future.

Our puppy package can begin even before your puppy arrives home.

It includes –

    • A pre-puppy visit during which we will cover:
    • Positive puppy training, why force free is best (and is the only method we use).
    • Puppy proofing your house, you would be amazed at some of the spaces they can wriggle out of and into and those reading glasses you keep losing, you can be sure your puppy will find them and chew them in a second.
    • Helping your puppy settle in.  Your new pup is in a big strange world which can be frightening but there are things you can do to help the transition go smoothly.
    • Toilet training, puppies need to go to the toilet frequently, you may want to forget a full nights sleep for a few weeks, it can be quite a quick process if you work on it.
    • Crate training (if you choose to use a crate). Crates are a great way to make your puppy feel safe and can help with that all-important toilet training.
    • “Ouch – he bit me” – puppies love to explore everything with their teeth – it hurts!  What can we do about it?
  • Clicker training / what is it? / How do I do it? / Why does it work?

You will get a comprehensive workbook with “how to” sheets, progress charts and suggested socialisation lists, my particular favourite is getting people to dress up in daft outfits!

Your package includes 2 further visits to assess how things are going and answer any questions you may have (or 3 visits if your puppy has already arrived). We will teach you ways to handle sometimes stressful events such as grooming, handling and vets visits.  We also discuss the basics of training.

Once your puppy is old enough you will be able to bring them along to our 6 week training course which helps consolidate their early learning and how to focus on you even when other puppies are around.

You will also get 3 months email help and support.

Cost: £190 (a £15 saving)

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