Puppy Training Classes.

There are so many puppies around at moment, I for one am loving it!

There seem to be more puppies than trainers, and while we are desperately trying to keep up with demand for classes, they are filling up very quickly.

If you have already chosen your puppy and are looking forward to them coming home, one of the things you should be considering is looking for a puppy class for them before they even arrive. At Clicking with Canines our January 2021 classes are already filling up, so if you puppy is about 4 weeks old at the moment NOW is the time to get in touch.

There are a wide variety of classes available and while it’s tempting to book on the one closest to you, I would urge you to speak to the trainer (or even visit a class) to make sure you think they are a good fit for you and your puppy.

Modern puppy classes focus on life skills, these are the things that help us and our puppies live in harmony. We work on the things you would expect, such as loose lead walking, and recall, but, we also want puppies who don’t jump up at everyone, or are able to settle quietly while you have friends over or visit a cafe.

CWC classes are taught by Kate (that’s me), I have done alot of extra training and study to ensure I offer the best experience for you and your puppy, while puppies are like little sponges who learn quickly, you also need a trainer who understands puppies and what to look for to ensure that your puppy is enjoying their time in class.

I am always happy to have a chat about our classes. Once you have signed up I become a sort of ‘puppy personal trainer’, you can contact me before your class begins with any questions, some of the most common ones I hear are around puppy biting, and crate training, but I’m open to anything puppy related.

If you would like to see a little of what we get upto in class there are lots of pictures and reviews from previous class attendees on our facebook page

PUPdate – 18/11/20 – I’m afraid the scheduled puppy classes are all now full, however we are looking to add additional classes, please do get in touch to discuss.

And, if you would like to have a chat with me before booking my number is 07525 214297 or you can pop me an email here.

I look forward to meeting you and your puppy soon.