The Puppy Social Club is a four week socialisation and learning programme designed by Registered veterinary nurse, Lianne Price (RVN), and Qualified trainer and behaviourist, Kate Robinson (MSc) of Clicking with Canines.

There is so much conflicting information as to the best ways to socialise and raise our puppies, some of it out of date, some of it a little scary, and some of it pretty good. By bringing together the best of everything we aim to help you set your puppies up for their best possible life.

During the four weeks your puppies will get lots of opportunity to socialise with other puppies of the same age while learning that the vets is an amazing place to hang out. While they make new friends you will get the opportunity to ask any questions you have, get support from other new puppy owners, and learn about appropriate socialisation for your puppies, and how to get them off to the best start with their training.

The details:

When: Wednesdays at 6pm, for around 45 mins.

Where: Tower Veterinary practice, Wetherby Road, Knaresborough (formerly Ashleigh vets)

Who: The club is open exclusively to puppies registered with (or will be registered with) Tower vets.

The cost: The four weeks costs just £20

How do I join ? Please pop me a message by clicking here.