“It’s OK, he’s friendly!”

Why a reliable recall is essential and fair to all.

To the lovely lady,  who, on seeing the dog I was working with was on lead, popped all four of hers on lead, Thank you.

Not just from me but from the dog I was with. She can be a little scared of other dogs, especially if they get too close. By putting your dogs back on lead you helped her training no end. She is starting to learn that she has choices and can move the other way if she wants to.

To the lady who had no control over the dogs she was walking, please get in touch – I can help!

The dog I was with that time is also scared of dogs coming too close – did you not notice the lead and the muzzle ?

She has been doing so well, she is now able to walk past most dogs without worrying too much. Well, she was able to. By allowing your dog to race right up to her (even when you were asked to recall your dog), you probably set her training back a few weeks.

Did you not see us trying to put distance between you and us ? Actually, I think you did but when you called over that your dog had no recall, I knew it was a lost cause.

Sadly, for too many owners of reactive dogs the second lady is the more common. People allow their dogs to race up to those on leads – often with the call “it’s OK he’s friendly”.

It’s not OK though.

The dog on lead may be on lead for any number of reasons, letting your dog come over may undo months of hard work from the owner or trainer.

So please, if you see a dog on lead coming towards you (or even trying to turn and go the other way). Put yours on lead until you are past them. Or even better contact a reward based trainer who will be able to help with that recall.