Dog Behaviour Management

Sometimes despite doing everything ‘right’ our puppies grow up with less than desirable dog behaviour making living with them tough.

Problem dog behaviour can be helped and overcome through the use of positive training.   At CWC we will never recommend you become the pack leader or use a choke chain or anything else that your dog may find intimidating or painful.

I can help you work with your dog to overcome things such as:

    • Pulling on the lead, it’s not fun for anyone and can be quite painful at times. I will work with you to understand why your dog does it and look at ways to overcome it. I can lend you equipment such as a harness to use while we work on it.
    • Jumping up, its quite cute when they are little puppies and its quite nice to feel loved when we come home from work, but its not so much fun when your fully grown dog jumps up at a little old lady in a white coat after a run in a muddy field! I will teach you and your dog how to politely greet someone.
    • Barking! Fact: all dogs do it.  Barking only becomes a problem dog behaviour when your dog barks at everything that moves (and some things that don’t!).  We will discuss the reasons why your dog barks and learn management tips and techniques which are realistic for you and your dog.
  • Lead reactivity. Does you dog go mad when he sees another dog or cyclist approaching? It’s stressful for all but there are ways we can overcome it.

Whatever the problem please get in touch and I will help you understand & manage the problem dog behaviour so you & your dog can keep your relationship on track.

These packages are bespoke to you and your dog so we will discuss how many sessions we may need at our first meeting.


All sessions are a around an hour long and cost £40 (number of sessions are dependent on your personal and pooches needs). Includes support via telephone and messages and an email report of the plan we have put in place.

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