Dog Behaviour Management

Life with our dogs is sometimes less than straight forward, despite our best efforts they can sometimes develop behaviours which makes them hard to live with. It can be as a result of a bad experience, illness, genetics or if you have adopted a dog they may have come with the behaviours.

In order to help overcome the issues it is important to try and understand why and how they may have developed. Once we understand this we can work to help overcome them.

The reason I became a trainer, and then a behaviourist (I have a Masters degree in behaviour) is because I live with a dog with behaviour issues. I wanted to understand Amos better and help him live comfortably, and to feel safe and secure. Living with, and loving a dog with behaviour issues gives me a unique insight into the impact it can have on our lives, I never judge, but can certainly relate to the difficulties we face.

Behaviour modification takes time and usually requires  a few sessions, for this reason our behaviour work is undertaken as packages, for booking please click here.

Please note at the current time our next available appointment is usually 6-8 weeks away.

Each session will take place either at your home or at a mutually agreed outdoor venue. After each session I will pop an email over of the things we have discussed and the plan we have put in place.

I am very aware that things may be at a crisis point and that you need some help sooner rather than later. In order to try and help, I offer a ‘First aid” telephone chat or zoom chat. These sessions last around 30 mins and cost £20. They aren’t a substitute for face to face training but allow us to put in place some things which will help until we can get together.

You can book a “First aid” chat by clicking here

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