Dog Training Classes

Coming to a village hall near you!! (well, Scotton, just outside Knaresborough), dog training classes that are designed by you for you (and your dogs).

If you are anything like me, you have probably attended dog training classes in the past where you stomp round a hall, ‘correcting’ your dog if they step out of line ?

Would you like to attend a training class where everything was taught using positive methods ? For the uninitiated, positive methods, basically means lots of treats. By ‘paying’ our dogs for behaving in a way that we would prefer they are much more likely to behave like that in the future.

There are some foundation exercises that we will look at in week one, these form the basis of a two way relationship with your dog and make future learning so much easier. After that, the decisions are yours – would you like you dog to walk on a loose lead ? Or, perhaps, settle at your feet while you enjoy a coffee in a cafe ? As a group we will decide on the important things we want to learn and thats what we will do.

There will be prizes each week (so it pays to do your ‘homework’).

Our next classes start in Sept, you can choose either a Tuesday or a Friday.

If you have any questions about the classes or whether it would be suitable for you and your dog please get in touch

We look forward to meeting you in Sept.