Canine Enrichment Toys

I talk alot about enrichment games and toys to my owners, I’m so pleased that we have a local maker on our doorstep. This week in our ‘meet the locals’, Katie of Katie and Co talks about why she started making, and selling enrichment toys, (she also does some great video reviews of local dog businesses on her youtube channel)

“Hi! I’m Katie, and I own Katie & Co Pet Services! Within Katie & Co I have three businesses: –

  • Katie & Co Dog Walking & Pet Visits
  • Katie & Co Canine Chaperone for Weddings & Special Events 
  • Katie & Co Crafts

Today I’m going to be introducing Katie & Co Crafts to you all! It all started with my little reactive dog, Bailey. Walks can be a struggle with Bailey as he is generally quite anxious as well as reactive to lots of different things. He has terrible recall so can’t go off-lead, and to top it off, he pulls like a trooper! So, we try to do lots of enrichment at home and in the garden to keep him entertained and keep his brain active. 

Snuffle Mats & Balls: Enrichment is a fun and easy way to improve your dog’s mental state. Sniffing and foraging are all natural behaviours that exercise your dog’s brain. These types of activities can help your dog to learn new skills, problem solve, and gain confidence! They are also excellent boredom busters! Enrichment games are perfect for dogs of any age, but particularly older dogs or those with mobility issues who can’t get out as much as they used to. Essentially, you hide stinky treats within the fleece mat, and let your dog sniff them out! If you feed kibble, you could even ditch the bowl and pour the kibble straight into a snuffle mat or ball!

Tug Toys: Tug toys are a great staple toy for a few reasons. They can be used to teach your dog basic training, such as drop or fetch, as well as for behavioural reasons like self-control or frustration expression. They can also be used in a fun game of tug of war, which will strengthen the bond between you and your pet! 


Standard Snuffle Mat (30cmx30cm) – £18

Double Snuffle Mat (30cmx60cm) – £32

Snuffle Ball (M) – £15

Snuffle Ball (L) – £19

Tug Toy (approx 15 inches) – £4

Tug Toy (approx 22 inches) – £6

Tug Toy (approx 30 inches) – £8

All items can be made custom to your requirements with a varied choice of size and colours. Please note no toy is indestructible and dogs should be monitored at all times. Free local delivery within 5 miles of Knaresborough.

Clicking with Canines Special Offer – Mention ‘Clicking with Canines’ when you place your order, and receive a Snuffle Mat & Tug Toy Bundle for only £20